Residential flooring installation


Professional residential flooring installations are important

No matter what type of flooring you’ve purchased for your home, a good professional residential flooring installation is necessary to make sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong. You won’t have to worry that the materials are mishandled, that measurements were correct or not, or whether your warranty will be intact once the installation is complete. Instead, you’ll be able to simply allow your professionals to install your flooringand enjoy the results afterward. Your flooring, and your peace of mind, will both remain unharmed. The result will be a gorgeous floor covering that not only looks as good as it should, but that performs just as well.

The most important residential flooring installation

Everyone knows the most important residential flooring installation is your own. You’ve spent a lot of time researching the perfect materials for your home, investigating the materials in person, and possibly even taking samples home to see how they work with your décor. Now that you’ve selected the best, you’ve only one step left. When it comes to your residential flooring installation, it's important to choose a company with a proven track record, dedication to excellence in flooring installation, and a desire to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results. Without a proper flooring installation in your home, no matter the material, you could face serious problems. In carpet, a poor installation can cause seam separation, balding, bunching, or a much shorter lifespan than it should have. With hardwood flooring, you could experience warping, buckling, or splitting and you might even have to replace the entire floor. With a material as expensive as solid hardwood, we know you don’t want that to happen. Even for those materials that are touted as “an easy DIY project” it’s best to take no chances. After all, it’s just a part of our service to you.



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Our residential flooring installation is trustworthy

Paint Plus Flooring offers a wide variety of materials and services for your home, but nothing quite as important as residential flooring installation service. This service can mean the success or failure of the product you choose to floor your home with, so be sure to utilize it.

From our showrooms, located in Murray, KY, and Paris, TN, we serve the Henry County area as a residential flooring installation provider you can trust. Be sure to speak with those who have used our services in the past as well as our professionals when you visit.